Matthew Young

Creative Storytelling

Photography, motion graphics, and videography. Creating stories for technology, lifestyle, science, humanities, and business. He/Him

Currently Video Producer/Editor at Americas Test Kitchen (2021-). Sponsored Clients include Driscoll, Breville, Greenpan.

NBC Sponsored Clients include Optimum Altice, Hyundai Genesis, Casper, Acura, Allbirds, Quest Nutrition, Funplex, Westfield Mall, Smashburger, Visit Orlando, Universal Kids

Other Clients include:, Stanford, Nature, Lookout, Bluebox, Xyza, San Jose Yu-ai-ka

Videographer/Producer for

Matt’s 2020 FacultyNY Reel

Matt’s Pratt 2019 MFX Reel

Pratt Motion Graphics Course Final Project – TV Intro

Matt’s NBC 2019 Reel

For more work from NBC visit my corporate video page

“Within a week’s time, Matt was up to speed on the details of the Green New Deal for Public Housing, our campaign, and the tactical needs for this video. He brought with him extensive experience and skills in video production and video editing. Matt was a great listener and provided input and showed his expertise while still putting the requests and priorities of the message first. Matt had excellent communication, he met and exceeded deadlines, and took initiative – collaborating on a project plan and story board and then executing it. He was able to take feedback graciously and had a very positive, motivated, excited attitude throughout. Matt was the ideal partner; he understood our theory of change, he has a developed analysis of his identity that actively helped our multi-racial, cross-class group build power, and finally, his technical skills were advanced and creative.” – Sunrise Movement NYC Team