Matthew Young

Creative Storytelling

Matt Young Fall Headshot

Photography, motion graphics, and videography. Creating stories for technology, lifestyle, science, humanities, and business. He/Him

NBC Sponsored Clients include Optimum Altice, Hyundai Genesis, Casper, Acura, Allbirds, Quest Nutrition, Funplex, Westfield Mall, Smashburger, Visit Orlando, Universal Kids

Other Clients include:, Stanford, Nature, Lookout, Bluebox, Xyza, San Jose Yu-ai-ka

Videographer/Producer for

Matt’s 2020 FacultyNY Reel

Matt’s Pratt 2019 MFX Reel

Pratt Motion Graphics Course Final Project – TV Intro

Matt’s NBC 2018 Reel

For more work from NBC visit my corporate video page